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Professional Development 2019 

On January 26th, we hosted a Continuing Education event at our Hanover location entitled Working with Trauma as a Psycho-Spiritual Phenomenon. This workshop was presented by Dr. John McDargh, retired professor of psychology and theology from Boston College Department of Theology. By this gathering, participants looked at pathways to healing through spiritual integration, exploring traumatic events as having the potential to evoke negative as well as positive implications in the spiritual life and perceptions of survivors. Click here for a more thorough overview of Dr. McDargh's presentation.

On September 7th, we hosted an invitation-only presentation entitled Clinical Uses of the Enneagram at our Plymouth location. This presentation was led by Steph Bronner, LMHC, and Deb Bellevue, BS, both of whom work at The Well:  A center for hope and healing in Bridgewater, MA ( Participants were able to explore how this ancient personality assessment tool, used by mystics from around the world, could apply to their own personal development as well as to their clinical and theological work. In so doing, participants paid attention to potential issues regarding spiritual, psychological, and occupational domains, and explored personality in terms of relational styles rather than as fixed characteristics. Click here for a more thorough overview of Deb and Steph's presentation.

There are more presentations to come! Stay tuned for updates!

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