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Clinical Uses of The Enneagram


On September 7th, Deb Bellevue, BS, and Steph Bronner, LMHC, from The Well: A center for hope and healing in Bridgewater, MA, offered a wonderful and insightful presentation regarding the Enneagram--an ancient personality tool used by mystics from around the world.


Their presentation was attended by clinicians, religious educators, theologians, and spiritual guides, allowing for diverse and insightful perspectives.


Participants were invited to reflect on personal as well as professional experiences when learning about the varied ways by which the Enneagram could be used to promote growth and healing.


While applications often help people address painful life circumstances, Deb and Steph's presentation also invited play, as each participant looked deeply into both their strengths and their growing edges, highlighting the importance of compassion toward self and others as well as humility.

In so doing, participants were able to look at personality in terms of relational tendencies rather than as fixed characteristics.

This frame of reference amplifies development across many life domains, as it acknowledges that we are comprised of both light and shadow, and encourages communication across difference and conflicts rather than blame.

Several resources were also provided, allowing each participant to further explore the Enneagram as they saw fit in their personal as well as their professional endeavors.


The Institute for Spiritual Life & Psychotherapy is deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to work alongside Deb and Steph as they prepared their presentation and for receiving the benefits of all their hard work.


They are both truly wells of clinical and theological wisdom!

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